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  • Main View

    Main View let you start/finish your activity, view your distance,time, speed, pace and claories burned.

  • Lock View

    Lock View let you view your location in real time, and view some of your workout's info.

  • History View

    History View let you see your present & past workouts sorted by date, the icon on each row let you identify the type of activity.

  • Workout Detail View

    Workout Detail view, let view all info for a giving workout, along with the ability to email yourself your workout's data, view the map, email support in case f an abnormal behavior of teh app and view your Speed vs Distance graph.

  • Map View

    Map View displays your workout's trip, start , finish & intermediate positions split by Mile or Km.

  • Settings View

    Settings View displays all settings necessary to customize Workout+ to your needs.